Drawing Boat

Welcome to our Drawing Board……

Cape York Ice And Tackle is currently developing some new designs to compliment our existing range of craft. All of the new designs will be Strip Plank construction.

We really love the Strip Plank method for boat building. Quality Marine Plywood such as Gaboon is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. This is a worldwide problem, however in Australia it is worse because of our geographic location.

Going forward, Cape York Ice And Tackle is going to concentrate on Strip Plank designs for Kayaks, Dinghies and other craft. Strip Planking is more ‘Environmentally’ friendly as we source Plantation timbers. Strip Planking also allows us to design craft with more rounded and cleaner lines. Sure, it takes a little longer to build but it’s not at all difficult.

Some of the designs we’re working on: We will post some photos/concept diagrams soon.

1. A 12 foot Strip Plank Canoe. Jan 2008 release

2. A 14 foot classic wine glass dinghy. Feb 2008 release

3. A 18 foot (5.5mt) trailerable Sports Boat. 2008 release

4. A 15 foot Double Ender Norwegian styled day boat.. Early 2008