Boat Building Classes

Our boat building classes are designed for the first time builder or perhaps you have built before and prefer the atmosphere of a class. Whatever your skill level, there is a class to suit your level and needs.

Building a boat

We have increased the duration of our classes by 2 additional days. This will ensure that students do not have to burn the ‘Midnight Oil’ to complete their project.

You can choose a suitable design from the range of Chesapeake Light Craft designs found on this website. We will consider other projects depending on the complexity and what can be realistically be achieved within the timeframe of the class.

Class sizes will be kept to around 6 projects and we welcome couples & parent child participants. Students will be required to have their own selection of hand & power tools and a list will be provided to each student upon enrolment.

Listed below are our current class schedules. We will be adding more classes as demand increases. Click on the class that interests you for more information.