About Us

Cape York Ice And Tackle was established in 2004 initially to supply & promote the Cape Henry 21. We have now extended our range to include designs from the renowned designers… Chesapeake Light Craft, Selway Fisher (UK), Iain Oughtred (UK), John Welsford (NZ), Dudley Dix (USA) , Joel White (USA) and Guillemot Kayaks (USA).

At Cape York Ice And Tackle we utilise the latest in CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Router to produce Pre-Cut Kits that are accurate and specifically chosen for the home builder.

We have spent many hours re-drawing paper plans into our 3D CAD system to develop kits for the popular range of designs from Iain Oughtred and John Welsford. We have done the lofting so you don’t need to.