Capeboatworks has been appointed the Australian Licensee for Grain Surfboards (US).

Capeboatworks will be producing the range of Grain Homegrown Surfboards Kits. under licence here in Australia.

Grain Homegrown Surfboard Kits are now available. Check out our online shop for Special introductory offers.

If you want to be kept up to-date with Grain News please send us an email and we will add you to our mailing list. Some of our Demonstration craft are available for sale.. Each craft has been professionally built at Cape York Ice And Tackle using only the best marine materials…
What’s on the Drawing Board at Cape York Ice And Tackle.

Let us know what you think…..

see what we’re doing…

We now have the best value and best designed Strip-Plank kayak kits available with our range of Guillemot Kayaks…

A Fast and Versatile Sailing Skiff from Dudley Dix.

The new Paper Jet 14 won the Outstanding Innovation Award at the recent Woodenboat Show at Mystic Seaport In June/July 2007.

The Paper Jet is a modern performance skiff that has 3 versatile rigs, from a simple Unrig to the Turbo Rig with Spinnaker. Lightweight and easy to build for the average handyperson.

Cape York Ice And Tackle will soon be adding the Paper Jet to our range of kits and we will commence building a demo boat due for launching in January 2008.

For more details on the Paper Jet, please visit the Dudley Dix website

The CLC Passagemaker Dinghy is fast becoming one of our most popular kits. We have built a demonstration Passagemaker available for viewing at our workshop. If you would like to arrange a test please contact us…. See more pictures here

Custom Services

  • Cape York Ice And Tackle provides custom cutting services for the amateur and professional Boatbuilder. For the amateur builder we can cut your components and save you many hours. Ask us for a quote.
  • Cape York Ice And Tackle provides professional CAD and cuttings services to the professional Boatbuilder saving them many hours.
  • Designers have chosen Cape York Ice And Tackle to develop their prototypes and cut test components.
  • Our range of cutting services is not limited to just boat components. We have completed custom routing for sign makers. In fact as long as it is a sheet product we can probably cut it for you.